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Create a “Math Salad Bar”

Create a “Math Salad Bar”

Back to school means getting ORGANIZED! So your goal is to get Math Workshop up and running in your classroom, but you are dreading getting "buckets" together with materials such as dice, chips, game boards, etc.You know how much planning time you lose setting this up...

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Motor Grid

Summer is flying by isn't it? I got back from a great presentation run in Abington, Virginia then went to Las Vegas for 5 days for SDE's I Teach K Conference then finished the week out in Chicago for the SDE PK-1 CCSS Academy.  I met some extraordinary teachers...

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Air Display

Does turning your back to students in order to toggle with your computer cause chaos or annoy you when bringing up your next lesson or virtual learning experience? Say goodbye to that nonsense and hello to your new best friend, "Air Display." You can turn your...

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Across the Pond-Strategy Game

I am just about ready to send my new publication CD download filled with Math Strategy Games K-8 to the editor! This new product will feature 15 printable Strategy Games with colored game boards, 8 Math Practice Posters, Math Workshop Cards (see below) and more! As a...

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Rounding using an Abacus!

Rounding & Estimating are difficult concepts for students to understand and apply. Many students when learning how to estimate or to round a number learn a basic procedure to help them understand the process. For example, we have always heard the saying, "If it is...

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Summer Fun!

Join me this summer for a GREAT week in Vegas or how about Chicago? Let me know if you are planning on attending...this is one week you don't want to miss!!

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Finger Funatics Night!

Last week I went to Grandview Elementary School  to do a "Finger Fuantics Night" with PreSchool & Kindergarten Families. What fun we had! Each parent got a copy of the Finger Funatics Parent Companion and they were able to make 'n' take a Finger Funatics...

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Number Talks

Happy Thursday Blogger Friends!Here is a shout out to my friends at Doherty Elementary in West Bloomfield, Michigan. It has been a pleasure working with all of you this year and I look forward to our continued work together in math next school year. We had great...

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Finger Fuantics!

What have you noticed about your students fine motor development skills? Isn't it scary? Each year more and more students are coming to school with weak fine motor development.Often times these same students have difficulty coordinating eye and hand movement,...

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What’s all the Buzz?

What's all the buzz about the 8 Mathematical Practice Standards as it relates to the Math Common Core Standards?  Many teachers are implementing the Math Common Core as in "each standard" (which really isn't too different from our old "state" standards) however many...

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