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Wrap Around Ruler Lesson

We had fun with our measuring activity at the Wayne RESA TIPM K-2 course! First we read Inch by Inch, By Leo Lionni. Then we did the "Wrap Around Ruler" Lesson by AIMS Lesson Focus Students will use a non-customary ruler made from straw pieces to determine equalities...

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Holiday Activity FREEBIES!

We had so much fun learning at our Wayne RESA TIPM3 K-1 course!We did gumdrop graphing, played a reindeer dash math game, played "I spy" for teen numbers, measured with peppermint candies, and much more! Click here for your FREEBIES! Gumdrop Graphing Activity Gumdrop...

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Bedtime Math- A Website with Real World Math Problems

Check out this website! I love the real world application math problems! "Our mission is to help kids love numbers so they can handle the math in real life." One thing that I love about the website is the real-life pictures that are sent daily...

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Build A Shape with the Book “The Greedy Triangle”

I don't know about you, but I love integrating literature with math.  This is such a fun lesson to work on Geometry and get your students moving! It is a three-part whole group lesson intended for first grade, but it could be adapted for K-2. The lesson can be...

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Subitizing Combo SLAP!

What a fun game!You only need scatter cards to play. How to play: Flip two scatter cards. Add the sum as fast as you can. If the sum is EVEN, slap it and you win the whole pile! If the sum is ODD, leave it alone! Whoever gets the MOST scatter cards wins! Variations:...

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Having Fun with Multi-Sensory Activities

When something is done using "multi-sensory modes" it will stick better in your brain! Have hours of fun in a multi-sensory station to help with visual memory, especially with kids in the 21st century who tend to struggle more due to the amount of screen time. Here...

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Wow! What a great resource! You are going to want to check this website out! You do have to create an account, but it is FREE! LearnZillion has a complete collection of math resources that includes approximately 1200 task-based lesson plans...

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“13 Rules That Expire”

Overgeneralizing commonly accepted strategies, using imprecise vocabulary, and relying on tips and tricks that do not promote conceptual mathematical understanding can lead to misunderstanding later in students’ math careers. I found this...

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