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How Does Your District Purchased Math Book Align?

People ask me all the time what math "program" would be the best for a district to adopt.This is very difficult to answer because there isn't one purchasable "program" that I feel has every aspect of a QUALITY instructional program. Although there are some programs...

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2015 SDE National Conference

For more than 25 years, SDE has served the professional development needs of schools, districts, and educators from across the country and around the world through our wildly-popular events. Packed with up-to-date, classroom-tested and proven strategies and...

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3 Act Mathematical Storytelling

"Life is a story which we all live, and in order to lead our students to true real-world connections, it makes sense that through narrative, through story, we will enrich the lives and academic pursuits of our students" Timon Piccini This framework can help you focus...

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Quality vs. Quantity Math Games

In education, there is so much content and curriculum thrown at teachers to sort through. Hundreds of hours are spent prepping, copying, and laminating game boards and pieces for math....admit it, we've all been there! Although some games might be really cute, they...

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Pattern Barrier Game

I love this game to help build math vocabulary and rich descriptive language! Materials: Barrier Game grid for each player Pattern blocks Divider for each partnership Directions: 1. Work with a partner. Sit side by side with a divider standing between you. 2. Player...

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Upcoming Raffle

Hello Educators! We are trying something new and we need you.Help Strategic Intervention Solutions grow our social media and reach 500 likes on Facebook! By participating in this raffle, you will be entered into a random drawing. This drawing is only running for TWO...

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A Great Resource for Classroom Discussions in Math

I want to share this new book I just got and LOVE! The book looks at the significant role that classroom discussions can play in teaching mathematics and deepening students' mathematical understanding and learning. Classroom Discussions in Math: A teacher's guide for...

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