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Shannon’s Popsicle Abacus

For those of you who know me, you know I LOVE the abacus and pretty much anything that provides a concrete or pictorial representation for reasoning in mathematics.A typical abacus from IKEA or Toys R US costs between $10-$14 a piece. So...I came up with a way to make...

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Sqworl-Kid-Friendly Bookmarking!

Do you find yourself flying around helping your students in the computer lab while they try to type in super long URLs... by the time everyone is where they need to be, it's time to go back to class? Let's make life simple and create a Sqworl! Sqworl...

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Complimentary Webinar on EngageNY

You're Invited to a Complimentary Webinar!EngageNY Math: Turning Scripted Material into Classroom Success Through Targeted Resources (Grades K-5) A COMPLIMENTARY ONE-HOUR SDE WEBINAR Are you struggling with the structure of mathematics within EngageNY and having...

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Where Are You Going this Summer?

Dear Educator, I'm delighted to personally invite you to the educational events of the year—the 2014 SDE National Conferences this summer in New Orleans, LA (June 25-27) and Las Vegas, NV (July 7-11).These conferences offer high-powered innovative content to challenge...

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Join me for a Complimentary National Webinar!

Join me for a Complimentary National Webinar on Thursday, March 27th from 4pm-5pm EDT. It's important to create a classroom where students make connections and discoveries, work together, ask questions, and pose problems...

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Join Me!

Does Common Core Math or just the Paradigm Shift of how we need to teach math differently have you a little overwhelmed? Join me in  Nashville (April 9-10) or Atlanta (May 7-8) for a fun-filled two days! Let's bring back the JOY of teaching mathematics with some...

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Make Your Own Rekenrek!

What the HECK is a Rekenrek??The Rekenrek has recently emerged on the US mathematical scene as one of the most powerful of all manipulative models for our young students. It was originally developed by math educators and researchers in the Netherlands (although...

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Math Talk!

Mathematical Practice Standard #2 says: Reason Abstractly and Quantitatively. Basically this means that we can use math in a Contextualized or Decontextualized ways.  Contextualized= I can take numbers and put them into real world context Decontextualized= I can take...

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