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Math Talk!

Mathematical Practice Standard #2 says: Reason Abstractly and Quantitatively. Basically this means that we can use math in a Contextualized or Decontextualized ways.  Contextualized= I can take numbers and put them into real world context Decontextualized= I can take...

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NCTM Illumination!

Looking for a great interactive site to help get across math concepts to the 21st Century child? Check out NCTM  Illuminations: Resources for Teaching Math Interactive section. Search by standard and by grade level for different tools such as a spinner, 5 frame...

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Remind 101!

Need a great home-school communication connection that is easy to use and doesn't require you to be at a computer to update it? Check out the Remind 101 App! This is a great app that you can use on your iPhone or iPad, and guess what? Yep, it's FREE!The nice thing...

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Thinking Blocks

Think back to when you were doing story problems in math class. There were some story problems that probably made  you panic because perhaps you really didn't have a systematic process to figure them out. More than likely you had trouble applying your knowledge...

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Math Performance Tasks-101

The Common Core State Standards in Mathematics require us to no longer teach surface-level concepts to students using procedures they don't understand. I refer to this as going a "mile long" with concepts, by covering all the "things" we are "supposed" to cover...

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Stick Pick App

All of the Fuss about "Higher Order Thinking" is among us as educators with the CCSS Anchor Standards in ELA and the 8 Mathematical Practices in Math. But how do I accomplish that while applying differentiated instruction in my classroom filled with a variety of...

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Finger Funatics Parent Night

Finger Funatics Parent Night

How much screen time should a typical 4-year-old have?? If you guessed 30 minutes or less, you'd be right! This was just one of the topics we covered during our Finger Funatics Parent Night last night. Over 40 preschool families came to learn about the importance of...

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