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Division Progression Series

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Ever wonder why your students aren’t getting the traditional method of division? By working through the progression of division strategies in a developmentally appropriate way, you can make sure that students arrive at that traditional method with the correct foundation to succeed!

Well, Shannon to the rescue! This video is going to help you go in-depth with division, looking at the division progression with specific examples that you can use tomorrow with your students in your classrooms. Learn how to start by using the strategy of multiplying up with base-10 non-proportional discs to help students conceptually understand the foundation of division.

Quickly, you'll learn how to transform this concept into using the strategy of partial quotients, and then take those partial quotients into a very integral step that's missing for most students before learning the traditional method. It's called Show All Totals.

Of course, we'll talk about that traditional method too, but in a way designed to help kids attend to place value and really make sense of what they're doing.

If they're just memorizing a procedure that they don't understand, it's not going to help them to progress in mathematics. Start with the foundation and follow this progression of division strategies - and I’m confident you’ll find it profoundly helpful for your students in your classroom!


  • In-depth video tutorials for teaching each of the four strategies:
    • Multiplying Up
    • Partial Quotients
    • Partial Quotients - Show all Totals
    • Traditional Method
  • Companion PPT presentation (editable)

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