So much to do. So little time.

Let the M³ Membership be your secret weapon.

Ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day?

You want to help kids learn – that’s why you became a teacher! But you have students in your classroom with such varied academic needs, you’ve got a curriculum you’ve got to get through, you’ve got a test to get them ready for…how are you supposed to do all that AND make it fun and memorable for your students?

Don’t kiss your nights and weekends goodbye! We can help! 

At SIS4Teachers, we’re dedicated to changing the way you

(and your students) think about math.

Our Molding Math Mindsets () Membership is a group of like-minded educators that want to teach math differently, not just “the way we’ve always done it.” They want to know the WHY before the HOW, so they can give their students a solid foundation for mathematical understanding. 

As we know, building a strong foundation requires the right tools, and as an M³ Member you’ll have access to all the right tools that will guide and support you in your building project.

An M³ Membership includes access to:

Instructional Videos

Short 5 – 25 minute videos are organized and searchable by math concept and grade level.

Downloadable PDFs

From accountability sheets to number bond cards, from word problem journals to PPT presentations!

Ready-to-Play Math Games

High-quality math games that reinforce math concepts and engage students. Most include a video tutorial!

Classroom-Ready Lesson Bundles

Bundles include everything needed to take it to the classroom tomorrow and cover topics like numeracy, place value, and word problems.

What do members have to say?

The Strategic Intervention Solutions membership site has been such a blessing to our district! The videos and resources are a great supplement to our math system both while we are in school and during remote learning.   The mini instructional videos on teaching math strategies and other math concepts are invaluable. As a math coach, I also use the videos and resources when I am modeling within the classroom.

During our recent experiences with remote learning last school year, students and teachers used the virtual manipulatives contained within the site to aid students with a ‘hands-on’  learning approach while at home. Engaging game tutorials and number talk recordings helped our parents participate in math with their children during this time.

I highly recommend it as a resource for teachers and math coaches alike!  

Becky Murphy

Instructional Math Coach, Standish-Sterling Central Elementary, MI

I am an Instructional coach and I have found that the SIS M³ Membership is extremely helpful with training new staff and existing staff in our district.  The videos and multiple resources have helped strengthen our numeracy talks and model drawings. The monthly Q & A sessions are also a great way to strengthen the staff with additional resources and/or strategies to use in their classrooms. Teachers have reported that the site is useful the way it is organized by grade level and types of resource.
Sherrie Wiedyk

Instructional & Literacy Coach, Adrian Public Schools

Instructional Videos

A video is worth 1.8 million words…and we have over 250 of them for you!

Step-by-step guides are nice (and we have some of those in our resource library too!), but there’s just something about seeing it that helps it click – both for you and for your students!

  • As a lesson launch. Let Shannon do the work for you! Just click play and your students can watch as Shannon introduces a concept or strategy, which she demonstrates with several examples and concrete, pictorial or abstract means, where appropriate.
  • In a flipped classroom setting. These videos are perfect to assign to students to watch on their own before coming to class, whether that class is virtual or in-person, to continue the discussion and practice the new concept or strategy.
  • For your own information. Can’t remember how to do a certain strategy? We’ve all been there! Just watch a video for a quick refresher before you begin teaching!
  • For parents’ information. Some of our 21st century math instruction strategies look a little different to parents who learned it a more traditional way. Share a video to help them understand the why and how of a strategy or concept so they can help their students at home.

Classroom-Ready Lessons

Sometimes, you just need it done for you! These lessons are your Easy Button! 

Download the bundles and get

  • tutorial video(s),
  • a PowerPoint presentation,
  • any game boards, accountability sheets, or other documents required for the lesson. 

Don’t like the examples in the presentation? They’re editable, so just change the numbers!

Math Games

Math games are such an important part of 21st century math insturction

Playing a math game allows students to engage with a concept or strategy in a fun, memorable, self-directed way that cements it into their foundational knowledge.

But have you ever googled “math games”? How do you even begin to choose one for your students??

Choosing Quality Math GamesEnter Shannon’s Top Five Rules for Choosing Quality Math Games! For a math game to be “quality,” it must:

  1. Use the 8 Mathematical Practices (7 out of 8 is ideal!).
  2. Be easily differentiated.
  3. Be low prep!
  4. Include accountability.
  5. Have longevity.

Click here or on the image to read more about these rules or download the image.

Great news – all of our math games get Shannon’s stamp of approval!

They come with video tutorials to help you or your students learn to play, game boards, and accountability sheets. Every SIS4Teachers math game is a solid choice, both for student engagement and for mathematical content.

Exclusive Math Mights Content!

Have you seen these guys? They’re not just adorable little creatures – they’re powerful ways to help students remember math strategies! AND they’re a hit TV show produced in partnership with Detroit Public Television and the Michigan Learning Channel.

Of course, all the episodes are free for the public (and you!) at and come with a downloadable extension activity that provides independent practice on the concepts from the show. But as an M3 member, you get exclusive access to the PowerPoint presentations used in the shows as well! Use them “as is” or change the examples to give your students more practice with the strategies from the show!

Bonus? You get all the awesome Math Mights animations to add to your own presentations too!

Virtual Coaching

Ever wish you had a math coach in your pocket? Well, maybe not in your pocket, but definitely close by!

There are all kinds of questions that come up as we implement new strategies and start to help mold our students’ math mindsets. But so often, we either don’t have time to go find someone to ask or we don’t even know who to ask.

Your M³ Membership gives you access to your very own virtual math coach – Shannon! Any time of the day (or night!), you can send your question to Shannon through the Ask Shannon page.

Shannon also offers monthly live Q&A sessions (via Zoom) where you can ask your question in person!  This is a great opportunity to be able to ask a more in-depth question, or just learn from questions asked by others and get to know some other math teachers who are in the trenches alongside you every day. 

How do I get started??

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but we think it also takes a village to support a teacher.

Let the community be your village. 

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