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Speed! Multiplication Game

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Product Details

"Speed" is a skip-counting card game designed to teach children to multiply and how to multiply faster. Two people play against each other to see who can get rid of all their cards first. Kids play this game because it's fun, but adults play to teach children to multiply. Once familiar with the numbers in a game, multiplication becomes simple. The game consists of eight decks of cards which are math fact answers to the multiplication tables. In order to win, kids must memorize the numbers which serves as a fun replacement for the majority of multiplication flash card work. After playing this game frequently, kids begin to recognize numerical patterns which help with learning numerous math concepts such as reducing fractions and factoring.

  • An exciting card game designed to teach multiplication!
  • Boosts math skills
  • Teaches skip-counting numbers 2-9
  • Minimizes dreaded flash card drill work
  • Great for ages 4-12 – Fun for all

Read more about Speed! in this blog post.

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