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Why Before How: Singapore Math Computation Strategies

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By Jana Hazekamp
Your students know that 2 x 3 = 6, but do they know why? Do they have the mathematical reasoning skills to see them through more than just the next test? Jana explains how to walk students step-by-step through each strategy, connect that approach to others, and build true mathematical understanding.

128 pages.

Recommended for grades 1-6.

Rave Review!

I just finished reading Why Before How. What an amazing book. The math I have been doing well for years makes so much more sense now!!! I can't imagine not teaching math this way. Thank you for recommending this title to me. I know it will make me a much better math consultant/coach. I only wish I had read it 12 years ago!

Shelly Spayd
Clare-Gladwin RESD
Elementary Math Consultant
English Learners Contact

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