Complimentary Webinar on EngageNY

May 13, 2014

You’re Invited to a Complimentary Webinar!EngageNY Math: Turning Scripted Material into Classroom Success Through Targeted
Resources (Grades K-5)


Are you struggling with the structure of mathematics within EngageNY and having difficulty understanding the underlying concepts that you are teaching? Don’t be frustrated—this is not the way you learned how to teach math. With appropriate training and coaching you’ll be amazed at the huge transformation possible not only in your students, but in your teaching methodologies as well.

Find ways to get the solutions to help educators understand this new rigorous curriculum and get the resources they need for success. Join Shannon Samulski as she outlines how the most challenging parts of EngageNY can be addressed.

– Struggling with EngageNY? Hear how powerful change is possible.
– Explore why change requires thoughtful use of resources and training.
– Discover tactics and strategies to help make EngageNY your own curriculum.
– Transform how you teach math.

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