Molding Math Mindsets

Professional Development and Coaching Series
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Changing Mathematical Mindsets with
21st Century Math Instruction

One of our most important initiatives is Molding Math Mindsets or M³, a sustained professional development and coaching program. M³ provides a comprehensive plan to help teachers transition from a “one-size-fits-all” math instructional model to a hands-on, interactive workshop model in order to integrate critical Common Core Standards and Practices. The goal of the M³ initiative is to equip teachers with in-depth knowledge of mathematical content in order to build confidence and raise the level of teaching in the classroom.

Participating schools commit to a 2-3 year plan customized to deliver optimal results for students. This time frame allows for focused professional development sessions supported by job-embedded coaching days throughout the year.

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Professional Development

This aspect of the initiative is customized for every participating school based on district needs. Once an area of focus has been identified, a training plan is established to support teachers’ content and pedagogical knowledge in that area. Teachers that participate in the M³ initiative receive engaging, interactive, research-based instruction about the 8 Mathematical Practices, number talks, performance tasks, and more in order to transform their teaching to meet the 21st century demands in mathematics.

The M³ initiative is designed to integrate with any math series currently in use.

Job Embedded Coaching

Once the teachers’ foundational knowledge is solidified, SIS works to help them transfer new skills into daily instruction through job embedded coaching, including classroom observation, coaching, and modeling. This element helps individualize the program for each teacher, regardless of experience, and ensures the success of the M³ initiative.

SIS coaches attend all professional development sessions in order to ensure consistency across the initiative and that their coaching is truly meeting the needs of participating teachers. Coaches meet with teachers ahead of time to set goals and create action plans to maximize the effectiveness of job embedded coaching days. Coaching time might include observations, model or co-taught lessons on number talks, model or co-taught lessons on performance tasks, model or co-taught lessons on model drawing, or side-by-side assessing.

Coaching is available in two options. 1-on-1 coaching is the most individualized setting where a coach works with one teacher for 45 minutes to an hour. Cluster coaching provides one coach to work with a small group of teachers for 1.5-3 hours and is most effective for a grade level cohort of teachers.

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