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Multiplication Progression Series

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Ever wonder why your students aren’t getting the traditional method of multiplication, especially as they’re getting to larger numbers? By working through the progression of multiplication strategies in a developmentally appropriate way, you can make sure that students arrive at that traditional method with the correct foundation to succeed!

Join Shannon in this tutorial video as she walks you through the correct progression of multiplication strategies. Start by using D.C., one of our favorite Math Might friends, to help students learn how to decompose factors, and work with problems that are a little bit more simple before they advance to more complicated multiplication problems.

Next, learn how to use the area model with partial products in a special way. What you do with the second factor is especially important in this step, so watch carefully how Shannon presents this so you can help your students connect it with the subsequent strategies - partial products and the traditional method.

Next, we take away that area model and just use partial products to see if students can solve. And finally, we bring in the traditional method, making sure students are attending to place value.


  • In-depth video tutorials for teaching each of the four strategies:
    • Decomposing/Composing Factors
    • Partial Products with an Area Model
    • Partial Products
    • Traditional Method
  • Companion PPT presentation (editable)

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