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Math Mights Pencil Toppers

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Product Details

Math Mights Pencil Toppers (pencil not included)

Build mathematical strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division from whole number to decimal with our memorable Math Mights characters! The citizens of Mathville represent each strategy so students can associate the characters with the strategies and begin to use mathematical vocabulary appropriately.

Kids will have loads of fun and engagement for learning will be highly increased as students discover their Math Mights friends come to life. Also check out our Math Mights in Action animated videos! These pencil toppers are a companion product to go with our Math Mights 8-in-1 poster and character dice.

Students can be given a problem and select which pencil topper character they want to use to solve the problem with the corresponding strategy. For example, if students choose to solve an addition problem with partial sums they might use our Value Pak pencil topper character. Or if they wanted to show how to solve a subtraction problem with compensation they could use the Minni and Subbi pencil topper character.

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