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Math Mights Plush Characters (set of 6)

SKU 00108
Math math more FUN!
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Product Details

Make math strategies more fun with these Math Mights Plushies! All your favorite Math Might characters come to life as adorable stuffed animals.

Build mathematical strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division from whole number to decimal with our memorable Math Mights characters! The citizens of Mathville represent each strategy so students can associate the characters with the strategies and begin to use mathematical vocabulary appropriately.

This set of six (6) plush characters includes:

  • D.C (decomposing/composing)
  • Abracus (compensation)
  • Value Pak (partial sums)
  • T-Pops (traditional)
  • Springling (counting up or back)
  • Minni and Subbi (compensation)

Characters are approximately 5" tall.

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