What’s all the Buzz?

Mar 12, 2013

What’s all the buzz about the 8 Mathematical Practice Standards as it relates to the Math Common Core Standards? 

Many teachers are implementing the Math Common Core as in “each standard” (which really isn’t too different from our old “state” standards) however many skip over the details of how the 8 Mathematical Practice Standards (K-12) play an interracial part in the rigor of what is being taught. It is important for each teacher to spend time understanding and relating the 8 Math Practice Standards to their grade level content. I like to think of them as the “reading strategies” for math.

I have a link to some posters on my website that I created in student-friendly terms: https://sis4teachers.org/store/

In addition my new fan favorite are the posters from Jordan School District in Utah. Check them out…they are FREE and they now have different ones for each grade level!

Click on the following link for the appropriate grade level posters:



GRADES 6-8: http://departments.jordandistrict.org/curriculum/mathematics/elementary/CCSSM6/SMPposters.pdf

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