SmartPAL Sleeve….Say GOODBYE to Laminating for Math Games!

Mar 23, 2016

I am always saying in our trainings that we as teachers have spent WAY TOO much time laminating and cutting out. Even though we may take it home and watch TV with a glass of wine….we just need to make life simpler!

I take the time to laminate the game, and then a student folds a corner; it somehow never looks like it did when I completed it.  This drives me crazy! My advice to teachers has always been, “no more laminating.”  Instead, just use a clear sleeve page protector….but, sometimes even these get yucky when students write on them with dry erase markers!  So……what to do?

Here is one of my fan favorites…you may have heard of them… they are called SmartPAL Sleeves!
smartPALs pic Purchase your SmartPALs Set of 10. Sleeves measure 10″W x 14 ½”H.

SmartPAL sleeves are comprised of two durable sheets of plastic. They are a terrific way to save both time, and money. Simply hand out worksheets or workbooks, have students slide them in their SmartPALs® and do their work on top with a dry-erase marker, then collect your materials to use class after class, year after year.  SmartPALs® feature a NEW write-on/wipe-off nameplate on top, and are designed with a two-sided opening, which allows students to slide worksheets in and out with ease. Use with low-odor, dry-erase markers.

  • Promote active learning! Turn any book or workbook into a reusable activity sheet
  • Great for all subjects! Use with any worksheet or workbook
  • Save paper! Students write on the SmartPAL®, not the worksheet
  • Save time! No more standing at the photocopier. Use one set of copies for all of your classes
  • Easy to use! The two-sided opening allows worksheets to slide in easily

Check out the video of SmartPALs.

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