Calling all Eureka Math/Engage New York Users!

Dec 19, 2016

If you use Eureka Math/Engage New York and haven’t seen these two amazing (FREE!) resources, you are missing out!

Zearn Math


Zearn Math is a online math program centered around helping to “fix K-8 math education” by providing individualized learning and focusing on three critical components they believe are fundamental for successful math education: deep understanding, fluency and problem-solving.  Based on Eureka Math/Engage New York, the program offers Common Core aligned, self-paced lessons which help students master concepts, a small-group lesson and Lesson Labs, which help students practice and demonstrate their learning. Lessons are available for Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Check out this video to see Zearn in action and learn more about their mission and why they developed the program:

We are using Zearn in many of our Math Initiative schools as the Math with Technology station within our Math Workshop. The games are fun and easy for students to play, and the Power of Tower activity is a particular favorite. Teachers love how the program gives teachers immediate feedback on student progress and they can easily see students need more instruction. The best part of the Zearn program is the small group instruction component that fits right in with your program (Eureka Math/Engage NY).Creating an account is free, and teachers can add their students manually or by uploading an Excel spreadsheet. Once student accounts are created under the free teacher account, teachers receive excellent and informative custom reports on student progress. There are so many other features available (for free!) that you just have to check it out!


If you are using Eureka Math/Engage NY, you HAVE to check out EMBARC online. It is the best kept secret, especially if you have an interactive whiteboard! EMBARC is a collaborative community of Eureka Math users and provides ready-to-use interactive lessons for the Eureka Math curriculum, as well as Google Presentations to use if you don’t have access to an interactive whiteboard. There are plenty of helpful videos and documents as well. It’s all there for you – already done.
Here’s a sample of Grade 1 Module 1:

What are you waiting for?? Try Zearn and EMBARC Online today! You won’t be sorry!

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