Motor Skills For Academic Success: Motor Moms And Dads Program

Mar 31, 2015

If children are to succeed academically, they first need to develop strong motor skills.  Motor Moms and Dads is a simple, easy-to-manage exercise program that helps you make sure all young children get that essential motor-skills practice.

Author: Nancy Sornson

The Motor Moms and Dads Program is a program used by over 400 elementary schools and preschools across Michigan and the United States to help young children ages 3-7 gain the motor skills necessary for academic success. It provides a cost effective way to ensure that children get the motor skill practice that they need.

Trained parent volunteers run the program in the hall outside of a classroom eliminating the need for additional space and paid staff. The equipment is minimal and many schools have some of the necessary equipment already in their buildings.

Many children come to school without sufficiently developed motor skills to ensure a good start in school. This program allows all children in a class to improve basic skills in two or three 5-minute sessions per week. Parent volunteers work with 3-4 students at a time, supervising as the children work their way through six activity stations.

The DVD and Manual set demonstrates each exercise, making it the perfect tool for recruiting and training parent volunteers!

It also provides an easy-to-use Motor Screener for students PK-2.
Click HERE for the K-2 screener
Click HERE for the PK screener
(Source: Nancy Sornson)

Check out our online store to purchase your own copy of Motor Skills for Academic Success!

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