Deck o’ Dots Duel

Sep 18, 2015

Do you have a set of Deck o’ Dots yet??
Meet Sally and Sam the Subitizing heroes in this fun, differentiated deck of cards.

Today we are featuring a game that will be coming out on the Deck o’ Dots Activity Companion
Update: This resource has been rereleased as a set of printable game boards and instructions available for purchase in our store or learn more here: 

Deck o’ Dots Duel

Materials:  Selected Level of Deck o’ Dots Cards (red, yellow, green)

Directions: Divide the selected set of dot cards in half between two students. Each student will flip a card, similar to the game “war.” The person with the higher amount wins the two cards.

Encourage students try to figure out who won without actually “counting” each dot and explain how they know their total.

Challenge: Have students flip two cards, add up their sum, and then figure out who has the higher sum.

Check out these videos featuring Deck o’ Dots Duel:

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