Finger Funatics Night!

May 1, 2013

Last week I went to Grandview Elementary School  to do a “Finger Fuantics Night” with PreSchool & Kindergarten Families. What fun we had! Each parent got a copy of the Finger Funatics Parent Companion and they were able to make ‘n’ take a Finger Funatics Take Home Kit filled with fine motor tools! Some of the activities featured were:

Treasure Hunt
Hide 10 beads in play-doh and try to remove the beads one-by-one with only one hand!

Funatic-Doh Snip
Make a thick worm and snip off pieces (the thicker the diameter the more challenging).

Pom-Pons Pick Up:
Using a clothes pin to pick up cotton balls or pom-pons one at a time. Try using different finger combinations.

Penny Grab:Pick up one penny at a time without sliding it to the end of the table.  For a challenge try different finger combinations.

Thanks Mrs. Leftwich for planning a great Home-School Connection for your students & families. This is a perfect idea for Kindergarten Round-Up or family night at your school.

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